Yes, our products are developed and carefully selected with vegan and plant-based ingredients. Nature Eva products are designed to cause no irritation to the skin as they do not contain any harmful substances such as, Carbocysteine, formaldehyde etc.

Our product has a pH level of 1.5 meaning it is acidic, whereas our skin has a neutral pH of 7. If there are any cuts or other lesions on the skin, the product can cause a burning sensation which can cause discomfort for the professional and client. Please note: the product does not sting the eyes or cause irritation to the respiratory system.

  • Titanium plated Straightening irons  
  • A comb
  • Application brush to apply the product
  • Bowl
  • Hair dryer
  • Sectioning clips
  • Bio Straight cleansing shampoo (after care)
  • Bio Straight Straightening Treatment (after care)

It can be applied, as long as the hair is healthy and passes the strand test. If hair has been previously treated with chemicals such as guanidine we do not recommend carrying out the treatment.

3 to 6 hours depending on the length and volume of the hair.

There is no need to straighten the hair after, Bio Straight straightens the hair 100%.

The treatment can be reapplied whenever necessary. E.g. when the roots have grown out and need touching up.

Contact us if you have any doubts. You can also complete a section test by applying the Bio straight to a small section at the back of the hair to check the results before applying to the rest of the hair.

YES, only if the hair has been dyed or bleached. Our Bio Straight Treatment can cause the hair to lift up to 5 tones and can cause blonde hair to go brassy. We recommend to book your clients in for a colour refresh 5-7 days after the treatment. To minimise the colour change, rinse the hair more and use the straightener at a lower temperature. We recommend between 180-190C.

Colouring the hair should always be AFTER the treatment, no earlier than 5-7 days after. This is because the organic acids can strip the hair colour up to 5 tones.

Moisturise the hair at least once a week and use our Bio Straight Maintenance Kit. Do not sleep with wet hair!

Depending on how it was applied, the structure of the hair and how well the aftercare has been followed, the treatment can last 6-10 months.

The hair can be washed immediately after the treatment, there is no wait time required. We recommend that the client uses our Bio Straight Maintenance Kit.

Yes, you can reapply the product as soon as you would like. Repeat the same process, but reduce the pause time to 20 minutes.

We do not recommend as Henna usually contains lead. This is not compatible with amino acids and can damage the hair. 

All types of hair, as long as it is in good condition to withhold the heat from the straighter. Always complete the relevant tests before carrying out the treatment.

Yes, you can have a normal life at the beach or pool. Always wash your hair straight after and ensure you use a moisturising conditioner or mask. We recommend moisturising your hair once a week. Please be aware the treatment may not last as long if you regularly expose your hair to the chlorine and salt.

Yes, you can style your hair. E.g. ponytails, plaits, curls etc. Once the hair is washed it will return to being straight.

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