Difference between Hair Botox and Keratin 

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Here is a clarifying guide that explains everything about Hair Botox Treatment and Keratin.

Hair Botox is becoming very popular due to the incredible results and nutritional composition that heal damaged hair from within. I know that the first thing that comes to mind is sticking needles into the scalp when the word botox is mentioned. Rest assured, there are no needles involved!

Keratin commonly known as a Brazilian blowout, Hair Botox, and Nanoplastia are extremely popular for those who seek to get healthier, shiny, and smoother hair. 

What is Hair Botox

The Rejuvenator Botox is a non-chemical deep conditioning treatment that saturates hair with natural ingredients such as amino acids natural oils and other scientifically proven compounds that repair the hair from within.

The Rejuvenator Botox treatment creates a protective layer that protects even the most sensitive hair from all types of damage. Most importantly reduces frizziness, our product is especially effective with hair damaged by strong chemicals that include, bleaching, daily straightening, and environmental damage.

The rejuvenator botox is a great option for men and women who are seeking to repair damaged hair without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde usually present in Keratin treatments. 

This leads me to the main disadvantage of Keratin Treatments. Although this treatment provides spectacular results, the formula composition usually contains very toxic formaldehyde and carbocysteine. Research has shown that is working with products that contain those chemicals can lead to developing cancer when inhaled. 

This creates the main difference between those two treatments but also Keratin work best for those with very thick and curly hair that is prone to frizz. In comparison, Hair Botox does not contain toxic chemicals and it will not straighten your hair like a keratin treatment would. 

The hairdressing market is constantly changing and some Keratin producers acknowledge this issue and stop adding formaldehyde to their products and enrich their products with beneficial ingredients that improve hair quality, but this still doesn’t change the fact that keratin only works on the surface and it will not recover the hair from the damage and also aftercare is very demanding. 

Aftercare for Botox and keratin treatments. 

After you received your keratin treatment it is essential to avoid water for 72 hours as the hair will go curly or wavy. It is essential that you only use Sulfate and paragon-free shampoo and conditioner after both treatments. For example, our Bio Straight Shampoo and Conditioner are great options. Generally speaking Sulfate and Parabens in hair products can cause damage due to the high pH. Always check the ingredients present in your hair products. 

Common ground for both treatments is that they will create silky smooth and irresistibly shiny hair for a longer period of time but for the long run only avoid products with a nasty chemical.