Nanoplastia and the importance of professional training

Imagine transforming frizzy, unmanageable hair into sleek, vibrant locks lasting up to 6 months with our revolutionary Nanoplastia Bio straightening treatment!

Nature Eva’s Nanoplastia straightening treatment stands out as a revolutionary solution that consistently delivers fantastic results. This unique formula has the power to keep curly and unmanageable hair perfectly straight.

What is Bio Straight Nanoplastia treatment?

Nutrient-infused smoothing and straightening treatment that is planet-friendly & sustainable that:

  • straightens
  • hydrates
  • rebuilds
  • gives incredible shine
  • and supports hair growth.

These great results are only achievable by salon professionals in a professional environment. To make sure that the results from our treatment are the best they can be, it’s crucial that anyone offering the treatment completes our training programme!!

Why Choose Nature Eva Training?

  • Expertise for Exceptional Results: Our comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge and skills to consistently deliver flawless, long-lasting straight hair for your clients.
  • Safety First: Understand the science behind our formula and learn proper application techniques to minimize risk and maximize hair health.
  • Profitable Growth: Become a certified Nature Eva provider and unlock access to exclusive product discounts and the ability to offer this highly sought-after treatment in your salon.
  • Flexible and Affordable: Our £400 training program is designed for busy professionals, with convenient online and in-person options.

Unlocking the Power of Beautiful Hair with Nature Eva's Nanoplastia Treatment

As with any beauty treatment, there can be risks to using our products so it’s important that the professional administering the treatment understands the process. By completing the training, hair professionals are able to understand the science behind our formula and avoid any potential damage that could be done to either the scalp or the hair. 

Becoming a certified Nature Eva treatment provider will allow you to begin profiting from offering the treatment and selling the post-care products in your salon. There are two elements to our training programme; the theory and the practical. The theory is crucial to understanding the treatment, how it works and what factors need to be considered to avoid misuse. 

Finally, once you’ve completed our training, we’ll continue to provide support to you when you need us. To find out more about our training, visit our training website.

Certified Excellence: Profiting with Nature Eva

Becoming a certified Nature Eva treatment provider opens the door to a world of opportunities. Not only can you offer the Nanoplastia treatment in your salon, but you also gain the ability to sell our exclusive post-care products with a huge profit margin.


Ready to become a Bio Straightening pro?

Our online training course gives you everything you need for just £400 (including 2x 100ml Bio Straight Treatment (1-2 treatments on average), 1 Bio Straight Maintenance Kit (Shampoo and Conditioner 300ml) and the Ceramic Brush):

  • Theory Videos: Learn everything about the product, ingredients, application, tools, and more!
  • Practical Session: Put your knowledge to the test on a model and share your results for personalized feedback.
  • Quiz & Certificate: Master the theory and earn your International Nature Eva Certificate.
  • Marketing Materials & Discount: Get ready to launch your new skill with marketing assets and a special discount on your first order.
  • 2-Month Access & Dedicated Support: Complete the course at your own pace and receive a follow-up call to ensure your success.
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