Nanoplastia and the importance of professional training


Our revolutionary nanoplastia straightening treatment generates fantastic results for people time and time again. Our unique formula can keep curly and unmanageable hair straight for up to six months! 

These great results are only achievable by salon professionals in a professional environment. To make sure that the results from our treatment are the best they can be, it’s crucial that anyone offering the treatment completes our training programme. 

Our training programme is designed with busy professionals in mind and takes only 1 day. Plus the training costs only £150.

As with any beauty treatment, there can be risks to using our products so it’s important that the professional administering the treatment understands the process. By completing the training, hair professionals are able to understand the science behind our formula and avoid any potential damage that could be done to either the scalp or the hair. 

Becoming a certified Nature Eva treatment provider will allow you to begin profiting from offering the treatment and selling the post-care products in your salon. There are two elements to our training programme; the theory and the practical. The theory is crucial to understanding the treatment, how it works and what factors need to be considered to avoid misuse. 

During the practical element of our training programme, we’ll teach you how to analyse the condition and type of hair, as well as how to prepare for and apply the treatment. We’ll also cover post-care treatment to make sure that you can give your clients the best results. 

Finally, once you’ve completed our training, we’ll continue to provide support to you when you need us. To find out more about our training, visit our training page.